upgrading a dying web server and installing old websites… the content is old, the software is outdated. the extension plugins are no more compatible with the current cms. dumping mysql databases… importing mysql databases… getting the most compatible version to upgrade to a functioning version of shit… ls cd /var/www/clients/client3/web12/web ls mkdir dist chown -R…


It’s a rainy Friday afternoon. Sitting in my car. I brew some ideas. The feeling is not the same as in younger years. The feeling I had was like a supernova in my brain. I’m not sure why I lost this feeling. (to be continued…)

the ultimate

nonsense in the space of nothing with the spicy sauce of something. the meaning of life packed in a nutshell. read and agree or leave and forget. nothing more then a blink of eye. time is running. catch the moment. important is sometimes unimportant.